Your company is unique – which will most likely also apply to your data structure and your requirements for a classification. Our software is highly specialized and individually customized to your needs. Therefore, an essential part of our services consists of conceptual advice and customization of software modules until they are perfect for you.


simus systems developed a unique, data-driven approach for the analysis of data sources to establish the structure of a classification. Available sources are systematically analyzed for contents relevant for classification in order to derive characteristics, which are used to model the classification.

The software tools developed by simus systems for this particular purpose can display the relationship between the definition of the classification and existing data in a database. From these results, further requirements can be deduced for classes and characteristics. With this iterative process, we produce the best possible classification result.

This approach is unique and ensures the development of a classification perfectly tailored to the customer.

simus systems bietet eine einzigartige Klassifikationslogik

Data Migration

The IT landscape of a business is constantly changing. Major changes, such as switching ERP or PDM systems, require clear strategies for data migration. The added value of a new system can only be fully used, if the data it is based on is of  high quality and is migrated by a professional.

You are planning the introduction of a new system?

Kill two birds with one stone: simus systems analyzes and standardizes your data first, before the professionals transfer it to the new system. In the course of the standardization, the master data can also be translated at the same time to prepare it for international use.

In order to get the basic data to a good quality level, data from leading systems, suppliers and further sources is used. Of course, the data quality is secured effectively by established processes.

Erfolgreiche Überführung von Merkmalen

Identification of Duplicates

The processing of large volumes of data is a major challenge, and not just for the automated processes of Industry 4.0.

You need a better overview of all your parts? Put an end to data clutter! simus systems identifies duplicates and standardizes your material master – basis for many successful projects. That way, you get a handle on your parts inventory.

You can request our services as part of the software package, as well as booking a workshop.

In case of any questions, we are happy to help.

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