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Organize your CAD part database methodically

Efficient reuse of CAD models: Reduce your design work and bring structure to your part database.

Target group: Head of Design/Development

Calculation 4.0 –

classmate PLAN automatically takes you from a 3D model to cost calculation and work schedule

Find out in advance how much it will cost: classmate PLAN determines future manufacturing costs from 3D CAD models automatically. Take your target cost management to the next level.

Target group: Designers, Design Managers, Production Planning Managers

Master Data Governance

Optimize and organize your database professionally and sustainably with simus classmate.

Step 1: Optimizing master dara for manufacturing companies

Step 2: Setting up a professional workflow to create and maintain material masters and establish long-term quality assurance

Target group: IT /Organization Managers, Data Officers / Data Managers, Project Managers in master data optimization and inductions of new ERP/PDM software