A guided process in classmate FINDER / easyFINDER prevents duplicates and errors in material masters and reduces administrative effort and expenses effectively.

Optimize Master Data Quality: Clear Processes save time and money


Benefits of a Centrally Guided Process for the Creation of Material Masters

  • Clean, accurate database
    All necessary fields are populated.
  • No duplicates
    Only material masters which do not yet exist will be created. Subsequent costs for duplicated are prevented.
  • Clear responsibilities
    Expert staff with specialized training oversee the material masters.
  • Automated processes
    The system sends notifications to anyone involved. The current status is accessible at any time.
  • Easy preparation for new material masters
    Search parameters can be used directly for queries of new material masters.

Defined Process of Creating a Material Masters via classmate FINDER / easyFINDER

The professional creation and maintenance of a material master has an extensive impact on all business departments. Companies securing their data regularly achieve noticeable cost and time savings. Through an elaborate process, duplicates and errors in the material master can be prevented.

The process is as follows:

The designer searches the database for a required component but is not able to locate suitable material. Does he now wish to create a new material master, simus classmate takes him to the request form, in which he will specify his requirements. The form is prepopulated with information derived from his search or a template. Only missing details need to be filled in. A second member of staff, the Material Master Data Manager, will determine if creating a material master is needed and checks the data quality and the request. The request is received for review via the system. The Material Master Data Manager uses the easy similarity search integrated in classmate to ensure that the requirements cannot already be fulfilled by an existing component. Once this is clarified and all information is complete and accurate, he approves the request. If information is missing or unclear, the Material Master Data Manager sends the request back to the designer at the push of a button. The designer can correct the request and hand it in for review again.

Maintaining the Material Master: clear responsibilities

Once the request is approved, the information is automatically entered in SAP or another ERP system. The person making the request and all staff members involved receive confirmation from the material master and can use it immediately. Subsequent processes, i.e. the maintenance of data by work scheduling or Purchasing, can also be specified and initiated automatically. Standardized texts are generated without any further input, as well as a customs tariff number based on classification parameters. The maintenance of existing material masters can also be dealt with effectively by simus classmate.

Creating and Maintaining Material Master – made easy.

Processes and responsibilities for the creation of material masters are clearly defined by the guided pathway in classmate easyFINDER.

Businesses save valuable time and secure long-term data quality in all departments involved.


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