The best view on your data.

classmate easyFINDER: Suchoberfläche CAD Daten
Suche in grossen Datenbeständen

With classmate FINDER and easyFINDER, you will get 100% matches in the search for your product and CAD data.

The software for graphically supported research with an image-guided user interface takes care of it. Ergonomically and in a matter of seconds.

Identify data from different systems in one search.

Product Video: Geometrical Similarity Search with classmate easyFINDER

Product Video (in German): Finding CAD models quickly

  • One user interface

    Shows results from all sources (PDM, ERP, and CAD systems)

  • Results are displayed visually and clearly arranged

    E.g., through 3D previews or pictograms

  • Intuitive controls

    Hardly any training required

  • Reliable results

    Duplicates are eliminated

  • Partial matching is possible

    Find counterparts and tools

  • Model monitor

    Shows the number of similar parts and production costs automatically

Additional features of classmate easyFINDER

  • Direct integration into existing end user systems

    e.g. CAD software

  • Browser-based

    Compatible with smartphones and tablets

  • For all divisions

    Also benefits Purchasing or Sales, for example

classmate FINDER / easyFINDER is useful for companies, which

  • are working with technical mass data,
  • are looking for an effective tool to find product or CAD data in big databases and
  • do not have easy ways to change mass data in the existing PDM or ERP systems.

Find and evaluate information in a matter of seconds.

Powerful search engine

classmate FINDER combines company information from PDM, ERP, and CAD systems in an ergonomic user interface. It is embedded in the existing system infrastructure, interacts with the systems and provides the user with  extensive search and access options through its graphical user interface.

Search the way you like it

classmate FINDER offers various search options. You can navigate in a graphically plotted class tree until finding the matching class or you can search for keywords. Alternatively, a characteristics-based search for individual values or value ranges can be carried out. A third option is the similarity and duplicate search with optional criteria on the basis of a comparable data set. And the best thing about it: The various search types can be combined!

Clear presentation of the results

The results of the search are visualized graphically in order to give the user a quick overview. In the integrated preview window, various viewer formats, such as TIF graphics, JT models, 2D preview images, or the classmate-own 3D format, can be displayed. As a matter of course, results can be compared based on their characteristics (text-based). Combined with classmate CAD, models can also be compared geometrically. The own classmate 3D tool diff3D calculates the difference model – completely independent from the initial structure of the model as well as the CAD systems in use.

classmate easyFINDER: Simplified interface, even more options

With the help of the browser-based module easyFINDER, you can directly start a comprehensive search from an existing system (e.g., the CAD software). Similar to internet search engines, you can search with text or numeric values but also for similar parts on the basis of a 3D model. The results are displayed just as clearly as in the FINDER, including preview images and viewer formats. Even measuring 3D models, such as the graphic analysis of model differences, is possible. The easyFINDER also works completely independently from the CAD system and can therefore be used across departments and even via tablets and smartphones.

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