Cost calculation at design stage.

classmate_PLAN: Cost calculation at design stage
Fertigungskosten kalkulieren

With classmate PLAN, you are already in control of  cost calculation during the design stage.

Within seconds, the software detects work processes, calculates production costs, and reveals cost drivers early on.

Transparent and easy.

Automated pre-calculation.

Work schedules included.

See how it works in our product video:

  • You already know the production costs during the design stage

  • Make make-or-buy decisions fast and well-informed

  • Routing is generated automatically

  • Base data is accurate and up-to-date

  • Facilitates process engineering significantly

  • Material selection is simplified

  • Cost drivers are identified

classmate PLAN is a tool for companies, which

  • want to be fully in control of cost calculation during the design stage and before process planning and
  • aim to achieve considerable savings in process planning.

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Pre-calculation during the design process

classmate PLAN generates the pre-calculation of a part on the basis of the 3D CAD model and the available production technologies. classmate PLAN can even create a cost calculation for a complex unit on short notice. The calculation can be carried out on the basis of different premises, whether it is cost comparisons between the prototype and serial production or production alternatives at various production sites.

Automated process planning

The result of the analysis can be used for automated process planning. classmate PLAN detects – based on the analyzed geometry of a part – which work steps are necessary in which order, and generates work schedules for process planning in a matter of seconds. This accelerates  the process immensely. The level of detail for work scheduling can be predetermined and various output formats are available. A direct interface to SAP® is provided.

Flexible basis of calculation

General calculation parameters of production technologies are already recorded in a technology database, e.g. cutting paramters for turning and milling processing. Individual parameters, e.g. machine hour rates, can be configured individually and easily adjusted to customer-specific demands. Therefore, the work going into the maintenance of the basis of calculation basics is kept to a minimum.

Currentness and minor error rate

Raw material prices and other relevant purchasing factors can be retrieved directly from the master data system and instantly used for calculation. This approach ensures accurate and up-to-date data and guarantees the best calculation results.

Calculation of times and their costs

When determining times for the purpose of cost calculation, class­mate PLAN uses REFA specifications. In addition to the production cost calculation, a full costing can also be produced, e.g. for comparison of offers from external suppliers.

Visual support

In order to display the cost structure of a part clearly for designers at a glance, the model can be colored in accordance with ‘traffic light colors’ in classmate FINDER or easy­FINDER. ‘Expensive‘ production surfaces are colored red, while ‘cheaper‘ production surfaces are colored yellow or green. Details on production processes and costs for this surface are displayed by selecting a surface. When changing the CAD model and a new calculation,  changes in the price of the part including the individual production surface can be indicated by different change statuses in table format.