Boost your data quality permanently!

classmate_DATA: Boost your data quality permanently
Datenqualität erhöhen

classmate DATA helps you get ahead in data quality.

The software analyzes, structures, cleans up and classifies your data.

Automatically, across systems, and reliably.

classmate DATA ensures maximum data quality in your company.

With the help of a clean database, you can save valuable time – and, therefore, a lot of money in all departments – from Design to Procurement!
classmate DATA puts an end to data chaos – not just once but also long-term through the use of an easy to understand and comprehensive set of rules.

  • Clean data sets – no duplicates!

  • Uniform spelling

  • Complete data descriptions

  • Correct translations

  • Even distribution of information

  • Reliable search results

classmate DATA is useful for companies, which

  • face problems with large amounts of unstructured data due to missing data entry standards,
  • use data from various different systems,
  • migrate from legacy systems to new solutions,
  • want to switch from decentralized to centralized data management and
  • want to increase data quality for higher reuse rate of existing parts.

classmate DATA: Gets the most out of your data.

Mass data easy to use

classmate DATA makes mass data transparent, more manageable and easy to process. Existing data, e.g. from ERP or PDM systems, is systematically compacted, enhanced, and structured through integrated, adaptable sets of rules.

Supports any class system

Class systems or product group classifications tailored to your company’s needs can easily be integrated into classmate DATA. As a matter of course, standards, such as eCl@ss, UNSPSC, or customs tariff numbers can be used. An industry-specific best practice class system, developed through numerous projects by simus systems, can be used as the basis.

All information at a glance

The classmate DATA cockpit displays various analysis results on data quality in clearly arranged diagrams. The cockpit can be used in the standard configuration or customized to your requirements.

Fast results through automatic processes

Quick results though fully automated processes! classmate DATA compares the company‘s data with the target classes via analysis algorithms. The automatic assignment of the data sets through clear rules enables very fast results. Deficits will be revealed and classes can be summarized according to their requirements or defined in more detail.

Complex dependencies are our specialty

classmate DATA detects duplicates and similar parts automatically but can also be configured to your individual requirements. External data sources, such as purchase part catalog, norms, technical charts, as well as 3D CAD models (with the help of classmate CAD), can also be integrated. Calculations or links of information can easily be created. All definable dependencies, even if they are very complex, can be modeled.

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Applications for classmate DATA

  • Automatic classification
  • Data migration from legacy to new systems
  • Merging various databases
  • Data cleaning
  • Building up class lists of characteristics
  • Identifying duplicates