Automatic Text Generation

Textgenerierung simus classmate

Stay current and complete with purchase order texts, material descriptions, customs tariffs numbers, and more!

simus classmate provides the option to pair names from existing databases with the relevant parameters and to generate required texts from them for various applications It is entirely up to you to define how you want to put these texts together. Purchase order texts, material descriptions and customs tariff numbers are therefore generated automatically! Translations into other languages can also be automated within the same process.

Generating texts

Changes to the parameters automatically result in updated texts

As the texts, which were automatically generated from the database, are always in line with the relevant conventions, consistent spelling is implemented effortlessly. Specifically, this means that if a coworker changes a parameter in the database, any dependent text are updated immediately. The maintenance on texts will be reduced. The respective translations also increase in quality by providing accurate and complete texts.

As the rules can be adjusted in a single source, conceptual changes can also be implemented in the texts and automatically apply to all texts and translations. A certain parameter can therefore be inserted to all long texts simultaneously.

Integrating Textgenerator in your business

The simus systems project engineers implement the classmate Textgenerator in your business and train employees in the use of the rule editor so that after the initial installation, any further adjustments can be adopted by the company independently.

Various  interfaces  of classmate Textgenerator to third-party systems allow an integration with ERP systems by SAP, for example.

The   prerequisite for classmate Textgenerator working effectively is a well-maintained class system with structured data. The use of a terminology database is  not required – although it is strongly recommended in order to significantly increase the quality of texts.

Lesson in Terminology-Management

Is your business already watching the consistent naming of parts and materials at all times? Or are names entered unsupervised in CAD, PLM, and ERP systems including new made up names for existing terms, incorrect entries or arbitrary name changes? In this case, a project defining unique terms would be useful before implementing classmate Textgenerator. This project will already result in noticeable improvements in the workflow. Read more on how a terminology database can be generated by simus classmate software – even for large volumes of data »

“Any management decision is only as good as the data it is based on.”

Textgenerierung aus technischen Daten mit simus classmate

Why generating texts using simus classmate?

  1. Well-engineered, high-performing software tool proven to be useful in many projects
  2. Interfaces to all current ERP systems available
  3. Databases and rules are stored centrally and keep texts up-to-date for long-term use
  4. Experienced experts support you in the implementation of the software

Would you like to request more information on simus classmate text generation? We are happy to give you an insight into our software in a free LIVE DEMO. Give us a call or send us an email! We are looking forward to it.