Establish clear conventions and terms in a terminology database!

Effective digitalization requires unique terms throughout the entire company. The CAD, PLM, and ERP systems in use often do not include semantic tools that prevent new made up names, incorrect entries or arbitrary name changes though. Instead, they contribute to even more confusion in terms, using various formats. simus systems supports businesses in the set up and maintenance of a unique nomenclature.

Advantages of a terminology database:

  • Internal and external communication are improved
  • Texts are created faster
  • Translation costs are reduced
  • Texts are more coherent

Defining terminology: simus classmate is software-driven

In order to agree on a unique name in the future, a new terminology has to be developed. It is a difficult task to introduce a new terminology in mechanical engineering. Over the years, many different names have been accrued for one and the same term which makes terminology unmanageable. Manual revision is time-consuming and to avoid ambiguity, additional preferred terms need to be determined.

simus systems has developed a high-performing software tool for this task that analyzes and modifies any names and texts in use. For this process, all names are separated into blocks, differing spellings are recognized and summarized and sorted by their frequency.

Each name is detected automatically and assigned to similar spellings.

Supported by a software-driven process, the experts determine which terms continue to exist in the long term which serves as the basis to create the terminology database.

Thousands of material short texts are condensed to a manageable quantity.

The terminology database supports you in the selection of names for the surrounding PDM/ERP systems by only suggesting names that are already predetermined in the database.

What makes the simus classmate terminology management different?

  • Years of experience in mechanical engineering terminology

    For different industries, e.g. packaging machines, a fully-developed terminology is available as a reference.

  • Your previously existing terms are the basis for the database

  • Frequencies are determined automatically

  • Texts are analyzed, related terms are recognized

  • Assigning terms in foreign languages is an option

You would like to not only have unique terms but up-to-date, accurate and complete purchase order texts, material short texts, custom tariff numbers and much more – at all times?

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Differentiation to terminology management in technical documentation

Terminology management is often used in the context of technical documentation. In reality, the definition of terms already begins much earlier in mechanical engineering companies: in product specification in development, in creating parts lists in the ERP system or in design. ERP data is the basis which all following information systems are ‚fed with‘ in the production process. The terminology process is a process alongside production; terminology is a factor of production which has to be integrated into the planning process and development process. This is exactly where simus classmate comes in.