The quick ‘n easy cost check for turned, milled and sheet metal parts

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Calculating parts for contract manufacturers

costing24 calculates turning, milling and sheet metal parts in seconds. Simply upload the 3D CAD model. Receive surprisingly accurate results thanks to our tried and tested calculation process.

  • Automatic calculation of turning, milling and sheet metal parts

  • Creating quotes in record time

  • Embedding as a service in the own website

costing24 white label – Our service embedded in your own website

With a simple integration of the powerful online calculation costing24 into your own website, your visitors will immediately receive a technically sound price information for their inquiry. Your own technical requirements, parameters and surcharges can be taken into account. The result of the calculation can be transferred directly into a shopping cart.

Embedding in iFrame

Embedding by iFrame is as easy as integrating a YouTube video on your website: To integrate a short HTML code on your website is enough to “pull in“ the application. The costing24 application remains entirely on our server. There is no exchange between your website and server when performing calculations for a part and there is no additional work and only little cost for you.

costing24 Einbindung mit iframe
  • Minimal effort – as easy as embedding a video

  • Input and the display of results is on the same quality level as costing24

  • Small adjustments optional (logo, colors)

Use via Interface (API)

Another option is that the computation logic of costing24 can be accessed through a proprietary interface. There is an exchange between your website and our calculation for the duration of the service use. This requires a higher level of configuration and programming work. In return, you can determine the sequence, output of calculations and even the layout of the service in line with your requirements.

Einbindung per Schnittstelle
  • Customized programming

  • Your own preferences for calculations can be implemented

  • Sequence, output for calculations and layout can be determined in line with your requirements

In both cases, it remains unknown to the user of the website that an external provider is performing the calculations.

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How costing24 works:

Step 1

Upload a CAD model

Select a sample model from our database or upload your own model (after registration).

The following file formats are supported:

SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, Siemens NX, CATIA V5, Creo Parametric, JT (with XT-Brep), STEP, S3D.

Your models are protected: After the analysis of the original model, your information is only stored in simus’ own S3D format. The original files will not be stored and can therefore not fall into the hands of unauthorized people. Your models do not leave German borders as the servers are located in Germany.

Step 2


Based on the geometry of the parts and the specified details, a preliminary calculation is performed for the part. As a registered user, you can adjust machine data, lead times, mark ups and much more.

Processing techniques of turned, milled, flat and bent parts are supported in our calculations. Further processing techniques are in the process of being integrated.

For our sample models (without registration), the processing is calculated based on typical machine-parts-manufacturers located in central Europe. Fine finishing steps resulting from annotated tolerance values are not taken into account. For the calculation, we use empirical data from the classmate PLAN software based on the implementation for renowned industrial clients who we have been working with for many years (See also: What is classmate PLAN and how does it differ from costing24? »)

After registration, you can customize the technology data (hourly rates for machines, additional charges, setup times etc.) to your company.

Step 3

See the manufacturing costs instantly

The result for the calculation of the costs is split up in setup time and unit cost. In addition, the output also includes setup time and time per unit depending on the lot size. The 3D view presented in color shows the cost distribution in an overview.

The calculation is performed with the highest degree of accuracy based on the information available. Based on our extensive experience and empirical data, you will receive a solid result. In any case, a validity check of the calculation is required by the user. Liability for the accuracy and completeness of the results cannot be assumed.

„You won’t need to consult a crystal ball from now on.“

Why you should embed costing24 in your website


Automate quotation processes

The potential for the individual application of our tool is versatile and ranges from the first quote to online orders of parts. A completed calculation can be sent to an internal employee as a query and forwarded as a binding offer to the interested party after being checked in terms of technical requirements and when it can be ready. Another option is to show a quote to the prospective buyer immediately that is marked with a date after the order. The last option is to define online processes which lead to a binding online order of parts or assemblies after arranging dates. Further options may result from varying the process on certain production types and assemblies: Such as qualified ones for complex parts, online orders for simple standard parts.

Reacting faster to inquiries

Contract manufacturers definitely increase their success rate among the stiff competition by delivering quick bids calculated on a solid basis. They are increasing the sales rate by receiving more inquiries and can answer them in a qualified way. Staff can concentrate on their productive tasks – and therefore contribute more to added value and growing the company.

Solid basis for the calculation

The cloud service is based on the classmate PLAN software which was optimized in years of fine tuning in many projects with many renowned clients in the industry. The calculation of the price with costing24 is based on the algorithms and experience with this software. The results are therefore realistic, traceable and reliable results – in contrast to estimates by pen and paper or calculations in Excel which usually cause a lot of work in terms of data research and further inquiries.

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