What are the differences between the full version of the calculation software classmate PLAN and the web-based version costing24?

  • Software is installed locally

  • Extensive options in a wide variety for the customization of technical specifications

  • Customized integration in business processes and infrastructure in the long term

  • Web-based service

  • Relevant machine data can be customized quickly and easily, e.g. hourly rate, cutting parameters, setup time, additional time and programming costs

  • Minimum effort with installation and maintenance of the system required

The full installation of the calculation software classmate PLAN provides many advantages as the software joins up perfectly with the company’s existing systems. However, this type of installation can require extensive adaptations which will be carried out by our experts.

Our web-based service costing24 offers manufacturers of parts and smaller companies, which a full installation is not profitable for, the opportunity to get valid precalculations of manufacturing costs for their own models.

classmate PLAN provides the following advantages compared to costing24:

  • Models remain inhouse
  • Integration into existing IT infrastructure, systems and processes
    – Direct integration into the existing CAD-system
    – Analysis of PMIs and customized model parameters
    – Automated calculation at release
    – Transfer of calculation results to other systems
    – Inclusion of information from connected systems during the calculation
  • Customization to the situation in production on a very detailled level
    – Definition of specific machining sequences
    – Implementation of customized set of rules optional
    – Customization of individual cutting parameters
    – Definition of additional material groups with own cutting parameters
    – Detailled customization of machine characteristics
  • Supports several variants of calculation, e.g.
    – various production sites,
    – prototype or standard production
    – internal or external production
  • Multi-user access, multiple users (e.g. Development, Purchasing, Work Scheduling, Calculation, Sales) have access to the calculation results
  • Generating work plans based on customer’s specifications with regards to level of detail, resources, etc.

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