simus classmate: Easy synchronization with SAP®

SAP Synchronisation leicht gemacht

simus classmate makes data preparation and data maintenance in SAP® easy and manageable.

In combination with simus classmate, data maintenance has become significantly faster and easy-to-use outside of the SAP® interface. This includes not only material masters, but also further information objects like e.g. equipments.

Furthermore, an easy configuration of the class system ist possible. Previously complex steps, such as setting up new classes, can be performed in a few seconds.

At the push of a button, data is synchronized between simus classmate and SAP®. simus classmate is ready for SAP® S/4HANA.

simus systems developed various SAP® modules for reading and writing SAP® information objects for simus classmate for companies which use SAP® as an ERP system. The basis is the classmate connector for SAP® on which extension modules for object dependencies, material masters, documents, part lists, and work plans are added.

  • Creation and maintenance of a classification in SAP®

  • Comprehensive search and maintenance: Material masters or documents

  • Migration of any systems to SAP®

  • Merging data from multiple sites in a central SAP® installation

  • Cleansing and structuring master data in SAP®

classmate SAP® modules are relevant for companies, in which

  • a classification will be created or maintained,
  • master data will be cleansed or structured in SAP®,
  • any system which will be migrated into SAP® or
  • data from various sites will be transferred into a shared SAP® installation.

Basis module: classmate connector for SAP®

The classmate connector for SAP® provides the functions for reading and writing classification data. This way, an existing classification can be selected and its entire structure  can be imported into classmate DATA in order to modify or equip it with other classification rules. Furthermore, a classification edited with classmate DATA can be exported to SAP® in order to create or modify them in their entirety including all classes and characteristics, value lists, classifications, and ratings.

classmate SAP® Object Dependencies

Object dependencies can be transferred from classmate DATA to a SAP® system. In this process, local and global object dependencies of the type ‘prerequirement‘ and ‘selection‘ are supported. Object dependencies can be defined with characteristics, characteristic values, class attributes, and class attribute values.

classmate SAP® ‘material masters‘ and ‘document info records‘

simus classmate is able to create and edit material masters in a SAP® system – including using a template. Document info records for the document information sets (DIS) can  be processed and original files can also be created in SAP® directly.

classmate BOM for SAP®

This module reads BOM structures and makes them available in classmate FINDER and easyFINDER. This BOM information is synchronized with the classmate database via the SAP®/ classmate synchronization. Various BOMs are supported, e.g. engineering parts lists, manufacturing parts lists and plant-specific material BOMs.

classmate SAP® ‘Work Scheduling‘

Work Schedules generated by classmate PLAN are initially added in SAP®. The operations are automatically filled with setup times, machine times and further available data.

classmate cache for SAP®

classmate cache synchronizes simus classmate automatically with the SAP® database. A special feature of classmate FIN­DER is that it can be used as a central instrument for editing various individual views in SAP®. You can look up and edit material masters, documents info records and classifications more efficiently in a single application.

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