KOCH Pac-Systeme: Smart Software Ensures Fast-Track Design Process


KOCH Pac-Systeme, an expert on packaging machines, has trusted in simus classmate data management software since 2014. Design engineers can access the geometric similarity search as well as automatic analyses of their CAD models with the CAD module newly implemented in 2018 – and accelerate the design process significantly.

Packaging is a highly complex product: It has to be durable, ensure storage life of contents and comply with transport guidelines. Additionally, every manufacturer has a unique packaging design. Therefore, their production requires highly specialized machines. Each plant requires extensive development and individual design solutions as it is the only way to implement the numerous demands and requests of manufacturers.

easyfinder geometric comparison

Using the similarity search with classmate CAD, parts are reused more often now – and orders are processed more quickly

In order to reduce designers’ workload, the mechanical engineering company KOCH Pac-Systeme uses the simus classmate software suite since 2014. The application performs geometric analyses to extract form elements from CAD models, e.g., contours or drill holes, and parameters such as the finish quality. Numerous processes in the design can be optimized with the help of the analyses. Employees also use the classmate PLAN module to perform automatic cost calculations on their parts – in fact before the working plans are generated. This way, the cost drivers can be identified and eliminated early on.

Because of the noticeable improvements, the company decided to capitalize on the classmate software suites. Since June 2018, design engineers also started using the classmate CAD module. Oleg Schmidt, CAD Administrator at KOCH Pac-Systeme is impressed:

“Our design engineers can view prices for individual components already during the engineering stage with classmate modelmonitor and the similarity search by classmate CAD. They calculate the cost of their parts themselves and can therefore create cheaper model variants.”

With the automatic similarity search running in the background, parts that already exist in the database of the company have been reused with significantly increased frequency since then. The time saved is used for cost optimization and modeling of special parts.

“The cooperation with simus systems has been excellent from the start during the implementation of classmate PLAN,”

Schmidt reports.

“We were able to reduce costs noticeably using the automatic price calculation. The new CAD module is also a huge success. The workload of our design engineers has been reduced and they work even more efficiently now.”


Image rights: simus systems GmbH, Koch Pac-Systeme GmbH