Theegarten-Pactec Optimizes Workflow with simus classmate

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Theegarten-Pactec in Dresden develops and manufactures packaging systems that can be configured individually. The introduction of simus classmate has been in progress since January 2019. Production Planning, Purchasing and Workflow Management of the mechanical engineering company should improve noticeably with the data management software.

The mechanical engineering company Theegarten-Pactec employs 400 members of staff in Dresden. A quarter of the workforce develops the individual packaging machines for confectionery, foods and products from the non-food sector which the company delivers worldwide. More than 100 new production and assembly plans are produced every day – each of which needs to be entered in the database. The work going into administration is also extensive. “The volume of drafts and drawings we process daily is taking us to our limits,” Heiko Eberth, Head of Purchasing and Production Planning at Theegarten-Pactec explains. “For this reason, we were looking for support in this area.”

The company found simus classmate. The data management software by simus systems is not only going to help with coping with the daily data volumes but is supposed to create additional benefits from the available data for the company.

The first step is for classmate PLAN to analyze the parts to be manufactured using 3D CAD models. The application determines which process steps are required in which order, compares these to the manufacturing technologies of the company and generates a production plan on this basis in seconds. Another feature which is supposed to ease staff workload is accurate preliminary costing: Based on the analyzed 3D CAD models and the factors, such as prices of raw materials or machine-hour rates stored in the material master system, the software performs extensive calculations. The user can perform simple cost comparisons between prototype and serial production, different manufacturing technologies or production sites given the fast provision of data – and hence identify and eliminate cost drivers early on. simus classmate is not only going to accelerate the entire cycle of production planning but also saves the company additional costs with their intelligent data management.
Eberth draws a preliminary conclusion regarding the cooperation:

“simus systems has adapted perfectly to our needs and the introduction of the software is going just as well. The numerous routine tasks classmate PLAN can take on in the future will relieve Production Planning noticeably. That is exactly what we were looking for.”

Image rights: Theegarten-Pacatec