simus classmate is a data management software for medium-sized manufacturing companies. The software suite consists of several modules, which can be used in combination, as well as stand-alone. Choose the modules which best suit your needs.

simus classmate. data specialist.

simus classmate can structure and standardize data sets as well as classify and geometrically analyze 3D CAD models. Preliminary cost calculation and process plans can be generated automatically. The easy to use search tool with graphically assisted inquiry helps you find parts in the system quickly in order to facilitate the reuse of existing parts.

“Any management decision is only as good as the data it is based on.”

classmate_DATA: Boost your data quality permanently

classmate DATA is useful for companies, which

  • face problems with large datasets resulting from unstructured data entry,
  • use data from various systems,
  • are switching to new systems,
  • are changing from decentralized to centralized data management and
  • want to increase data quality for a higher reuse rate of existing components.
classmate_CAD: Classify parts easily

“Your engineers will love it.”

classmate CAD is useful for companies, which

  • work with CAD systems like Autodesk® Inventor®, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Catia, Siemens PLM Software NX or PTC Creo Parametric,
  • want to help designers focus on their core tasks,
  • want to make use of multiple search options to find existing CAD data and
  • want to increase their profits by optimizing the reuse rate of parts.

“You won’t need to consult a crystal ball from now on.”

classmate_PLAN: Cost calculation at design stage

classmate PLAN is the ideal cost calculation tool for companies, which

  • want to already generate valid estimates during the design process of parts and components and
  • want to facilitate process planning.

“Absolutely convincing search technology.”

classmate FINDER / easyFINDER is perfect for companies, which

  • are working with technical mass data,
  • are looking for an effective tool to find product or CAD data in large databases and
  • do not have easy ways to change mass data in the existing PDM or ERP system.